10 June 2010


Dear students,

Here I try to give you such information that you need when you study English. The word 'information' here means reading materials, type of text, reading lesson etc. This blog is created in order that students, especially from Indonesia, can develop their reading skill. They should have better reading. As we know reading is important. In Senior High School, they face many types of texts such as recount, news item, narrative, descriptive, report, analytical and hortatory exposition, explanation, discussion, review, anecdote, and spoof. By browsing this blog, it is hoped that they can gain more information about reading, type of text, the generic structure and features of the listed texts above.

I think it is clear that you need this blog to make you have better understanding about English lesson especially reading. So, enjoy it and you will find what you need.

Wherever and whenever you are, Keep reading students!

Owner of the blog,

Amik Amri Rahmadhi


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