16 December 2008

The Importance of Reading

Reading is an essential skill that is needed by students to succeed in every subject. Studies have also shown a strong link between reading and superior achievement in writing. With this in mind, part of Jakarta International School's English One's curriculum involves independent reading. During the school year, the students share both oral and visual book presentations with their peers.
One of the requirements for all of the ninth-graders is that they write a book review and place it on our Reader's Corner database. The database provides an excellent source of appropriate and popular books suggestions for other JIS students. While searching for a book to read, the students have many access points: genre, themes, title or author. This is a collaborative project that involves the English teacher, librarian and student. As the American author and journalist Margaret Fuller so amply states, ""Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.""

Dianne Ritz-Salminen High School Librarian at JIS
Sanjeevani Bandara
English One Teacher at JIS Jill Doughty
English One Teacher at JIS


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